Sosnin Kirill
painter and graphic artist from St. Petersburg
About me
I was born in the city of Oranienbaum, St. Petersburg. I was an ordinary child, a little thoughtful and dreamy.
Having a some lesson into a local art school, I became interested in art.
Then I went to study in the old art school in St. Petersburg, the painting department. Now it bears the name of N. Roerich. He graduated with honors, wrote a diploma picture on the topic "Childhood".
St. Petersburg Art School named after N. Roerich -Years of study 2007-2012
Then I went to study at the best art institute of Russia. Almost all the great artists of Russian art studied there. I hesitated between the faculty of book graphics and the painting faculty, I chose painting, which I don't regret now.
I studied with D.A. Collegova, I.Petrov. After the second year, I went to the workshop of Professor V.V. Zagonek and S.D.Kichko. I studied painting, fell in love with Russian Zezanists and Paul Sezan, impressionists, the art of the first half of the 20th century. a series of paintings on the theme "Vitebsk Station". Received an excellent assessment with the praise of the state commission.During my studies, I did independent creative work and participated in city exhibitions.
St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin at the Russian Academy of Arts- years of study 2013-2019
Now I at the beginning of a free creative path.....

Exhibitions and contests:
1.Five year exhibition of the best sketches at the Academy of Arts. 4 times incentive prize)
2. Exhibitions of the Minakov competition: theater, circus, or the world will save.
3.Diploma of the second degree in the exhibition-competition among art schools (our Gagarin) 4. Participant of the second All-Russian festival of graphics '' Tsaritsino ''
5. The World Club of Petersburgers, for the third place, competition (Dedicated to the city)
6. World Petersburgers Club. participation in the exhibition (the 200th anniversary of the birth of N.V. Gogol.)
7. Second All-Russian Plein Air. L.V. Turzhansky, a diploma incentive in the category "etude of still life in the open air."
8. exhibition of printed graphics in the school. Roerich.
9. personal exhibition of photos in the school. Roerich.
10.Art-Muse, competition "Muse should work" 2017
11. "Youth" Union of Artists of St. Petersburg 2017-2018 2019 Three years in a row
It would be interesting to look at what remains of me, when I am left.
L. Carroll "Alice in Wonderland"
I drew it
Vitebsky railway station

"Outgoing train." oil on canvas
In the process of work (completion)
"Parrot CHUCHA"
"Nocturne." oil on canvas
Sketches for paintings
"Warm memories"
Graphics .Linocut.Etching.Illustration.
There was a dog
Warm rain
Chizh and Hedgehog
illustrations in the children's magazine
Educational work
Staging 5 course 1 sem.
Staging 5 course 1 sem.
Staging 5 course 2 sem.
Staging 5 course 2 sem. second option
Street musician
Mikle with a ship
Sos .
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